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Are you also finding it difficult to get a job?

Often we see a lot of people complaining about not being able to find the right job change through social media or dedicated job boards. They find it even more difficult to find a job in desperate times when they are about to finish their project or be asked to leave. When dealing with such situations, they tend to get demotivated and start losing trust in the entire system. It’s very common for me to notice comments like there is no response from job portals, not been able to find a job through social media, applied with companies directly but they don’t revert, etc.

 These comments aren’t just from people who started their career 2 – 3 years back but seasoned professionals. I intend to address this issue by giving some suggestions based on my understanding after being in the recruitment industry for some time now. I am most certain that the below points would largely help you find the right opportunity.

 1. Nobody Helps – You need to understand that this world is mean and no one is going to help you unless you have some mutual interest with the other individual. You need to help yourself and work hard to get the opportunity. I can’t help but share a recent example of a close friend who happens to be in a senior position on Talent Acquisition in a leading company. He was asked to leave as the company was shrinking their India operations. Despite having the right connections in the industry, he had to apply for more than 411 job openings to be able to get a suitable opportunity. You need to keep knocking the door until you get what you need.

 2. It’s a Job itself – People consider job search as a part-time activity and that’s where they get it wrong. Finding a job isn’t easy; it itself a full-time job. You need to take this as a project and be highly aggressive about it. Keep reaching out to potential employers/recruiters etc.

 3. Learn to write your resume – Most of us don’t pay good attention to writing our resume and most of the time we just copy and paste from a friend’s resume and update it with our details. One should take the time to write a good resume. Remember, your resume is the key to get you closer to your dream job. You will lose the battle before the start if the recruiter/employer doesn’t find your resume interesting enough to engage with you. I will try to cover the entire topic in a separate article.

 4. Give Respect to get respect – I have been in the recruitment business for a long time and it’s really painful to see that neither the candidate nor the recruiter respects each other these days. It’s vital to respect each other and give the required time to each other in order to understand expectations from both sides. Success is all about relationships and creating the right network which can support you when the time comes. Success is mutual in the recruitment industry when a job seeker gets a job, it’s a success for the recruiter & employer too. It’s all connected, but yes, all have to beat the competition.

 5. Build Relationships – Keep working hard to build the right relationships with the people who are working in a similar industry/domain. Use social media as a tool to showcase your abilities & achievements to people who are in similar business but one / two-level above you. Start engaging them with relevant industry news and questions.

 6. Learn about the job you’re are applying for – while few don’t care much about writing resumes, I have seen many who would write their resume specifically for each of the jobs they are applying. They invest time in learning about the company, job profile, competition & key success factors. Once they understand all of this, they prepare their resume accordingly so that it makes the right impression to the hiring manager. Your selection will completely depend on your knowledge and how you do in the interview but if you prepare well, you can crack that interview.

 The above may not get you your dream job but will help you get one step closer for sure. I wish you all the very best for your job hunt and remember, no one will forever be jobless, every position that is vacant will be closed. So keep trying.

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