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“Please”, “Thank you” or “Sorry” ?

At school, we were told to use these 3 words the most, however, in keeping up with fast pace life, we forgot the value of these 3 magical words. We are in a recruitment business which gets me to deal with many people and my work largely depends on the experience we provide to our candidates and clients, therefore, we use “Please” & “Thank You” more often.

 Over some time, I realized that people don’t value when someone says “Please”, “Thank You” or “Sorry”. This might be because many of us don’t value these words when we say them to others and over the period our mind learned to neglect these 3 words from our mental vocabulary. Our mind has learned to fake our emotions associated with these words. 

 We all at trying best to fight our everyday battle, we don’t remember the simple ingredient of a happy life called “Gratitude”. Often we say “Thank You” just because we have to say it, we don’t have that appreciation for others inside us.

 Any word in any language has no meaning without emotions. Emotions are like the soul of the word and with every different emotion, every word’s meaning can be different. Every living soul seems to have some invisible power through which they can understand that emotional connect with others.

 So next time, when you want to appreciate someone, appreciate from within and then say “Thank You”. When you say “Please”, say it with complete politeness and mean it from inside. When you want to apologize for something, first feel it inside and then say “Sorry”, people will understand. They always know that you are feeling sorry or saying it just for the sake of something.

 We are human and it’s inbuilt in us, we become happy when we make someone happy. we feel happy inside when we bring a smile on someone’s face. Small and simple changes in life can bring so much positivity to our environment.

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