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Services which are transferable across different industries, domains & geographies.


Permanent Recruitment

Hiring the right people for the job is often challenging and we have rich experience helping customers across industries to procure talent.

Contract Recruitment

There are many benefits of contract staffing and its highly preferred in todays time for the flexibility it provide to the employers.

Overseas Recruitment

We work extensively in Middle-East & APAC region and have strong network among expat and local nationals.


Having our team member deployed at your office or managing end to end recruitment function, our experts are just a call away.

what makes us different

Our people who not only possess a great deal of talent & experience, but they combine it with dedication and creativity. Its a powerful force that allows us to exceed customer expectations every time.

Solutions that are agile, built-to-last and cater to ever-changing markets.

Our ability to work in partnerships with clients to plan, implement and manage industry -best recruitment practices.

Our strategies are meant to optimise the costs by utilizing mix-channels to scout talent while maximizing brand image.

Industry trends are constantly changing day by day and so are its challenges. HR department has also taken a front seat and has an active participation in business.

KCS offers a wide range of solutions to help service multiple HR functions.
Through our tailor-made cost-effective solutions, we help you in finding the right talent through comprehensive screening processes and provide industry-best leading HR consulting along with other key solutions, such as due diligence etc.

Recruitment & Staffing being the major area of focus, KCS works on building strong network among professionals across the globe and helping its clients to staff from Junior-most to Senior-most positions.


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